Contract Analysis & Review

Forensic Data Collections & Examination

Planet Data’s consultants have over 30 years combined experience handling data acquisition and forensic analysis requests in response to all types of litigation, regulatory investigation, and internal investigation projects. Additionally, Planet Data consultants specialize in and hold several high-level certifications specific to mobile data and technology.

Our experts and technicians have the ability to perform forensically sound ESI collections on all common media types in accordance with industry best practices for the handling, copying, verification, and preservation of digital evidence including:

• Mobile Devices (cell phones, smart phones, tablets, PDAs, IM devices)
• PC Systems (desktops, laptops, servers)
• Mac Systems (desktops, laptops, servers)
• Storage Devices (hard drives, external hard drives, removable media, thumb drives, memory cards)
• Other (data storage tape drives, surveillance equipment, digital cameras, video cameras, digital audio recorders, digital video recorders, mp3 players, video game consoles, GPS devices)

To deliver best-in-class services and solutions, Planet Data proudly partners with industry leading forensic hardware manufactures and software developers. Learn more about our partners.

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eDiscovery Processing

The Exego platform was built for pin-point accuracy, speed and efficiency. It’s the simplest, fastest and most effective eDiscovery resource of its kind. Processing countless projects since 2004, Exego technology dramatically reduces review times and costs for our clients through the built-in ECA platform, easy-to-use TAR workflows and a self-documenting validation process.

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Patented Text Extraction Technique

Planet Data proudly announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has granted us U.S. Patent #8,924,395 B2 for its eDiscovery text extraction process. The patent, titled System and Method for Indexing Electronic Discovery Data, is an invention for text extraction from embedded documents and objects during eDiscovery processing. Through the proprietary Planet Data process, text is extracted in a unique way to ensure search results are more accurate.

Foreign Language Identification

Identifying foreign language data within a document is an automatic process through Exego Extract, and it’s done at the earliest phase of a project. Exego Extract can identify over 150 different languages and lists the top three within their own metadata field. Traditionally, you would need to know that there is foreign language data within your collection, and also know exactly where it is. If you don’t, the only way to identify this data would be when it appears in a document during a search for other terms. Subsequently, the decision would then have to be made whether or not that foreign language data needs to be translated – thus slowing down the review process.

Exego Extract Processing: Highlights

    • Processes in excess of two to three terabytes of data per week based upon workflows and project management.
    • Is Unicode Compliant.
    • Natively processes Lotus Notes®, all Microsoft® products, Bloomberg® Mail, AOL® and hundreds of others.
    • Applies multiple decryption software tools to decrypt data. If, after a set period, the data cannot be decrypted, it is tracked in the exception report.
    • Retains all original time zone settings and can process the data in the time zone of the client’s choice and normalize all date/times to that time zone. This is important especially when tracking sent dates and times of email.
    • Maintains its own dedicated development team to add support as required for customized client requirements.

Mobile Device Discovery & Examination

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is quickly becoming the norm for companies in the performance of regular business around the clock. Employees are likely to discuss sensitive company matters through SMS and mobile email clients, social media (LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook), through proprietary mobile apps (iChat, WhatsApp, Snapchat, google NOW, Maps, Search, etc,), and so many other methods (too many to list), even though company policy may state that the employee is not to conduct official business using non-approved methods.

Planet Data consultants have expertise and proven experience in preserving, recovering and analyzing data from Mobile Devices such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, PDAs, GPS devices, MP3 players, cameras, etc. What makes this experience invaluable to our clients involves the exponential growth in adoption rate of these mobile devices in the workplace. Current statistics show that there exists a mobile device for every single man, woman, and child in the US – approximately 300,000,000.

Managed Document Review

Planet Data Managed Review teams operate as a seamless extension of our client’s legal department, and we offer service and support through all stages of the discovery lifecycle.

Collecting, organizing, and preparing information is essential and can prevent damage to your organization’s case. We can assist you every step of the way to ensure the best results in any scenario.

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Managed Services – Domestic & International

Planet Data’s Domestic and International managed services solutions provide law firms and corporations with the latest SaaS technology, customized workflows, and industry experts to support their complete eDiscovery requirements, start to finish.

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  • Technology: Access to Exego, the award-winning eDiscovery platform for ESI processing, pre-review, document review and production. Eliminates capital expenditures for hardware infrastructure and software licenses.
  • Visibility: Low fixed-cost program that is customized to fit the unique requirements of each individual organization and case, ensuring cost certainty.
  • Flexibility: Highly scalable solutions to manage small investigations to large complex matters.
  • Efficiency: Immediate access to data as it moves seamlessly from ESI processing, early case assessment and pre-review to document review and production.
  • Expertise: Expert and highly responsive Project Management support.


On-Site Managed Services

Our Parachute-in/Quick Response team, was specifically designed for organizations that have a need for a temporary on-site eDiscovery solution, especially in the EU and Asia. This is a cost-effective way to successfully manage critical on-site projects domestically and abroad.

Our consulting team is made up of project management, data collection, and operations personnel. We supply pre-configured hardware and software, delivered directly to the organization. Upon completion of the project, the appropriate data sets are imported to Planet Data’s Exego cloud, enabling access to the case team and reviewers.


  • Rapid set-up at client site. Ability to quickly collect, process, cull and review data.
  • Meet data privacy issues of specific countries.
  • Multi-Language capabilities.
  • Project Manager works with in-house and outside counsel as partner to assure all schedule and qualitative expectations are met.