Planet Data’s Domestic and International managed services solutions provide law firms and corporations with the latest SaaS technology, customized workflows, and industry experts to support their complete eDiscovery requirements, start to finish.

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  • Technology: Access to Exego, the award-winning eDiscovery platform for ESI processing, pre-review, document review and production. Eliminates capital expenditures for hardware infrastructure and software licenses.
  • Visibility: Low fixed-cost program that is customized to fit the unique requirements of each individual organization and case, ensuring cost certainty.
  • Flexibility: Highly scalable solutions to manage small investigations to large complex matters.
  • Efficiency: Immediate access to data as it moves seamlessly from ESI processing, early case assessment and pre-review to document review and production.
  • Expertise: Expert and highly responsive Project Management support.


On-Site Managed Services

Our Parachute-in/Quick Response team, was specifically designed for organizations that have a need for a temporary on-site eDiscovery solution, especially in the EU and Asia. This is a cost-effective way to successfully manage critical on-site projects domestically and abroad.

Our consulting team is made up of project management, data collection, and operations personnel. We supply pre-configured hardware and software, delivered directly to the organization. Upon completion of the project, the appropriate data sets are imported to Planet Data’s Exego cloud, enabling access to the case team and reviewers.


  • Rapid set-up at client site. Ability to quickly collect, process, cull and review data.
  • Meet data privacy issues of specific countries.
  • Multi-Language capabilities.
  • Project Manager works with in-house and outside counsel as partner to assure all schedule and qualitative expectations are met.