The Exego platform was built for pin-point accuracy, speed and efficiency. It’s the simplest, fastest and most effective eDiscovery resource of its kind. Processing countless projects since 2004, Exego technology dramatically reduces review times and costs for our clients through the built-in ECA platform, easy-to-use TAR workflows and a self-documenting validation process.

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Patented Text Extraction Technique

Planet Data proudly announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has granted us U.S. Patent #8,924,395 B2 for its eDiscovery text extraction process. The patent, titled System and Method for Indexing Electronic Discovery Data, is an invention for text extraction from embedded documents and objects during eDiscovery processing. Through the proprietary Planet Data process, text is extracted in a unique way to ensure search results are more accurate.

Foreign Language Identification

Identifying foreign language data within a document is an automatic process through Exego Extract, and it’s done at the earliest phase of a project. Exego Extract can identify over 150 different languages and lists the top three within their own metadata field. Traditionally, you would need to know that there is foreign language data within your collection, and also know exactly where it is. If you don’t, the only way to identify this data would be when it appears in a document during a search for other terms. Subsequently, the decision would then have to be made whether or not that foreign language data needs to be translated – thus slowing down the review process.

Exego Extract Processing: Highlights

    • Processes in excess of two to three terabytes of data per week based upon workflows and project management.
    • Is Unicode Compliant.
    • Natively processes Lotus Notes®, all Microsoft® products, Bloomberg® Mail, AOL® and hundreds of others.
    • Applies multiple decryption software tools to decrypt data. If, after a set period, the data cannot be decrypted, it is tracked in the exception report.
    • Retains all original time zone settings and can process the data in the time zone of the client’s choice and normalize all date/times to that time zone. This is important especially when tracking sent dates and times of email.
    • Maintains its own dedicated development team to add support as required for customized client requirements.