On Planet Data, being industry experts and providing excellent service is just the beginning. We designed and built the Exego Platform (with two underlying patents) to handle your data like no other engine could. We built Exego to increase the accuracy of eDiscovery and to reduce the total cost.

Hard to believe?

Exego Intelligence enables clients to research and compare changes in contract language across thousands of documents at lightning speed and with pinpoint accuracy. Exego Intelligence is being used by many business units and legal departments to save valuable time at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of search, compare, edit and review.

Exego Extract is our exclusive processing engine particularly effective in dealing with embedded objects, encrypted data and other complex file types - Bloomberg® Terminal mail & chat and Lotus Notes® - making lengthy exception reports a thing of the past.

Exego Select completely processes the data - including the most difficult file types such as Bloomberg®, Lotus Notes®, mobile data and embedded text. The processed data is normalized, and is ready to be fully searched and indexed along with the rest of typical eDiscovery data.