Contract Analysis

Exego™ Intelligence provides the means to quickly and accurately identify the information that Contract Managers, Attorneys and Business Executives require to provide the knowledge necessary for contract negotiations, risk assessment and compliance obligations.

Exego™ Intelligence combines Subject Matter Experts with smart technology for a cleaner, faster and more precise way to search, review and analyze contracts and other types of transactional documents.

Exego™ Intelligence has a unique capability that deconstructs contracts at a paragraph/clause level. It accurately pinpoints the specific areas of interest or concern without having to read the entire contract.

Exego™ Intelligence replaces the traditional expensive and error prone method of manual contract review and analysis through leading-edge technology.

Areas best suited for Exego Intelligence

  • Third Party Contract Risk Assessment & Reduction
  • Data Privacy & Security Audit
  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Pre & Post Merger Due Diligence
  • Corporate Governance, Regulatory & Compliance (GDPR)
  • Contract Review, Summarization & Analysis
  • Bankruptcy, Employment, Real Estate, Insurance
  • Contract Management System migrations

Cost Saving

Exego™ Intelligence reduces the cost of traditional approaches by up to 75% and significantly improves accuracy.

Exego™ Intelligence Dashboard

Exego Intelligence - Dashboard

Exego Intelligence Use Case Examples

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Exego Intelligence FAQ

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Exego Intelligence Disrupts Expensive And Inaccurate Manual Methodology

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