Michael Wade is the creator and developer of our proprietary and award-winning eDiscovery Platform, Exego®.

Michael started his career managing the Spatial Data Analysis Laboratory systems at Virginia Tech University, where he worked on a NSF Foundation grant to improve the capabilities of the lab’s signature tool – GIPSY (General Image Processing System) – used by University image processing researchers.

Building on this experience, Mr. Wade has led several developmental efforts in the information, knowledge, and document management areas. Starting in 1988 Mr. Wade was the Chief Technology Officer and a principal for Switzerland’s Tecomac AG, a company that focused on developing Knowledge Management solutions for large European corporations and Private Banks. During his time with Tecomac he secured several patents for data compression technologies that were used to accelerate communications over satellite links. Mr. Wade has been tapped as a consultant to Private Equity groups evaluating technologies and businesses.

Through his work in the development of concept-based search technology, auto-coding technologies and other meta-data tools, Mr. Wade became involved in the litigation support industry more than a two decades. He was one of the founders of Cerulean LLC where he was the Chief Technology officer. Cerulean developed a suite of applications to provide end to end ESI services to the litigation market under his management supervision which Cerulean used to become a wholesale supplier of ESI services to major ESI providers.

Mr. Wade has a B.S. in Accounting with a Minor in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.

Patents held:
US 8,924,395 B2 dated 12/30/2014
System and Method for Indexing Electronic Discovery Data

Bundesrepublik Deutschland Patent Nr. 44 32 436
Data Compressing Process and System

Two additional patent applications on file with the USPTO.
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