Targeted Active File Data Collection and Forensic Imaging Acquisition

Remote or on-site active-file collection services

Well documented, targeted collection procedures help our clients control costs at the outset of discovery and prevent unnecessary over-collection of ESI. Planet Data consultants work with a client’s IT staff, in-house counsel, and outside counsel to create a practical collection strategy that fits the needs of each case or investigation. Working together, the team defines and deploys a process that identifies all relevant data sources for each custodian. The primary objective of this strategy is to identify and target only specific locations where potentially relevant email and e-docs may be stored.

To accomplish these objectives, Planet Data consultants and data collection specialists can provide data acquisition services either on-site at a client’s offices and via virtual, web-based solutions that leverage advanced remote data capture technologies. In either scenario, Planet Data technicians use best practices, forensically sound data acquisition techniques to capture email and e-docs targeted for collection. All methods and procedures are documented and quality controlled throughout the entire process.

Remote or on-site forensic imaging services

Should the case or investigation require the capture of forensic images from electronic evidence sources, Planet Data consultants can perform on-site, high speed image acquisition services. As with active file collections, all procedures are documented and tightly controlled with validation logging and proper chain of custody. If practical, Planet Data consultants also perform remote forensic imaging services using virtual disk mounting solutions as well as remote imaging toolkits.

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