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ECA Selected: Planet Data’s Exego Select filters documents early for greater efficiency.
Brett Burney, of Legaltech News, reviews Planet Data's Exego Select product, providing litigators much more intelligent methods of processing and analyzing data.
(Read the PDF from LegalTech)

Exego Select technology transforms traditional early case assessment into a critical pre-review platform, with key features like email threading, concept searching, available much earlier in the process.

The Exego platform is web-based, has a self-documenting workflow for validation of your ECA strategy, and a library of customizable reporting. When combined with new feature - Exego Review, it won’t take you long to see why our clients think eDiscovery is better on Planet Data.

Exego technology dramatically reduces client's review time and eDiscovery costs by allowing them to create and conduct accurate searches. Our self-documenting workflow traces every step as the client moves through a sophisticated (yet easy to use) set of statistical tools. Exego analytics search technology has been integrated into the Exego platform, giving the user the ability to also implement advanced concept searching techniques. Like all of our platforms there is nothing to install or download. Exego Select is web-based and Mac compatible.

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Key Feature: Email Threading - Advanced Analytics

  • Exego Select includes powerful email threading with inclusive email and attachment analysis.
  • Targeted searches as well as “hot document” analytic searches.

Key Feature: Powerful Reporting

  • Search analysis reports provide detailed analysis of queries and the types of metadata searches are hitting on.
  • Identify and eliminate false positives quickly and easily.
  • Breakout search term hits by custodians.
  • Provides a historical audit log of searches and search modifications for QA/QC and validation.