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Russ Capps

Russ Capps
Russ Capps’ expertise with information security, incident response, digital forensics, and eDiscovery makes him a key player in Planet Data’s outstanding consulting services to law firms and corporations.

Specializing in computer and mobile device forensics, data acquisition, case consultation, incident response, identification and extraction of forensic artifacts, analysis and presentation of digital evidence and data recovery, Russ assists clients in the earliest phases of the eDiscovery throughcycle – on an enormous variety of media sources.

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      International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners - ISFCE Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator
      Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst
      High Technology Crime Investigation Association Accessdata Certified Examiner
Mobile data and technology have already evolved since you started reading this sentence. It is critical to continuously put Planet Data team members through thorough examinations and certification processes in order to stay ahead of the game.

Our most recent high-level certifications were awarded from Cellebrite to Russ Capps, Planet Data Senior Forensics Consultant - and include Certified Logical Operator, Certified Physical Analyst and Certified Mobile Examiner (Cellebrite's highest level certification). Cellebrite is internationally recognized as the industry leader in mobile forensic extraction, decoding and analysis solutions – and are particularly known for their breakthroughs in mobile data technology.

Our goal is to always ensure our staff are experts in the most important areas of our clients business and we will continue to grow and develop the credentials of our team.

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Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner

Mobile Device Forensic Acquisition and Analysis

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has quickly become the norm for companies in the performance of regular business around the clock. Employees are likely to discuss sensitive company matters through SMS and mobile email clients, social media (LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook), through proprietary mobile apps (iChat, WhatsApp, Snapchat, google NOW, Maps, Search, etc,), and so many other methods (too many to list), even though company policy may state that the employee is not to conduct official business using non-approved methods.

Planet Data consultants have expertise and proven experience in preserving, recovering and analyzing data from Mobile Devices such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, PDAs, GPS devices, MP3 players, cameras, etc. What makes this experience invaluable to our clients involves the exponential growth in adoption rate of these mobile devices in the workplace. Current statistics show that there exists a mobile device for every single man, woman, and child in the US – approximately 300,000,000.

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