Second Requests

There is enough stress associated with a Second Request. There are collections that have to take place. Expansive volumes of data need to be processes and culled. Not to mention all the unique production specs you'll have to deal with. And it all has to be done in what seems like five minutes.

On Planet Data the people, process and technology are already in place to handle your Second Request immediately. Our eDiscovery experts specialize in the handling of Second Requests, especially the unique DOJ and FTC production specs. We’ll create a customized workflow specifically for your project, starting with collection. Our Exego platform processes huge data sets in extremely short time frames. Then searching and culling in the built-in ECA platform streamlines the entire process to ensure an expedited review.

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Recent Project A
Collected, processed and culled over 3 TBs in Exego
Hosted 27 million pages in Relativity® in under 14 days

Recent Project B
Collected, processed and culled over 2 TBs in Exego
Hosted 40 million pages in Relativity® in under 21 days