Lotus Notes eDiscovery

Case Study — Lotus Notes®
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Exego processing technology features our exclusive Lotus Notes solution designed specifically to solve serious issues associated with Processing and Early Case Assessment.

  1. Exego technology does not convert Lotus Notes to any other formats, leaving each and every metadata field intact and searchable. Because Exego Processing finds everything, exception reports contain much less data to re-process, saving precious time – and in the long run…money.
  2. The Exego technology finds and identifies embedded documents and images in the body of Lotus Notes emails and processes them as child records, as well as fully extracts the text for those objects.
  3. With the Exego platform’s custom tiffing tools, all embedded information is preserved.
  4. The Exego platform handles the common formatting issues that are particularly troublesome, including the known bugs preventing a full e-mail chain from being displayed/printed.
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