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eDiscovery comes with expectations. Maybe you expect to be nickel-and-dimed, or to be left on your own once your data is processed and delivered. Planet Data has always been about breaking these expectations - and our 99% client retention rate proves it.

Planet Data proudly offers our clients eDiscovery solutions and services from consulting, data collection and mobile forensics - to ESI processing, pre-review and document review.

We provide solutions for:
Cross-border disputes - Second requests - Patent infringement - Financial fraud litigation - Construction litigation - Mergers and acquisitions - Government and internal investigations - Environmental litigation

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A sampling of eDiscovery life on of Planet Data: discovery response collection; remote and on-site data collection; forensic imaging, targeted collection, and cloud data collections – for law and corporate clients.
Planet Data’s managed services solutions provide law firms and corporations with the latest SaaS technology, customized workflows, and industry experts to support the complete eDiscovery requirements, start to finish.
Our expertise with cyber security is unrivaled. We have been doing this longer and at a higher degree than anyone else in the business.
We’ve assembled the best and most dedicated people in the industry to create a world class development team, a dedicated hosting team, and a squad of expert project managers that bring hundreds of cases of experience and a passion for problem solving to the table.
Planet Data consultants are experienced and certified in performing mobile device and ESI data collections, as well as digital forensic analysis requests in response to all types of litigation, regulatory and internal investigation projects. With both onsite and remote access technologies, our team defensibly captures data from countless sources and devices.
Our ability to perform forensically sound collections on all common and uncommon media types in accordance with industry best practices places us ahead of privacy and security standards. Planet Data also has significant experience with BYOD data acquisition and sensitive employer/employee privacy guidelines.
Exego Extract is our exclusive processing engine that revolutionized the eDiscovery landscape. Built for speed and accuracy, Exego has processed countless amounts of data since 2003. Exego Extract is particularly efficient in handling Lotus Notes and Second Requests.
Exego Select transforms traditional early case assessment into a hyper-focused pre-review process. We’ve combined key features like Early Case Assessment, Email threading, Concept Searching and more to create a data-elimination tool that culls and calibrates your information before document review.
What do you get when you take the power of Exego and add a simple-to-use review platform? The award-winning Exego Review platform: the latest and greatest step forward in eDiscovery. Recently voted the 2016 Innovation winner for E-Discovery Document Review.
Planet Data is a certified Relativity Best in Service Partner 2010 - 2015.
Planet Data's partnerships with best-in-class document review firms means comprehensive managed review solutions. Globally.