Planet Data sponsors ACEDS Roundtable Discussion

Planet Data proudly sponsored the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists' September 29, 2016 Roundtable Discussion, moderated by Chris Costello, Esq., Senior eDiscovery Attorney at Winston & Strawn. With questions from the audience and industry experts on topics ranging from information governance/records managements; data privacy; cross-border eDiscovery; data analytics/data science; and eDiscovery project management.

The Return of ECA

Attorney Joshua Gilliland of The Legal Geeks discusses the critical role of Early Case Assessment with Planet Data's COO, David Cochran.

Dave Cochran Interview at Legaltech 2016

David Cochran, COO of Planet Data reinforces the importance of efficiency and accuracy of the "ECA" process of eDiscovery with Zach Warren, Associate Editor of Legaltech News.

Mobile and Cloud eDiscovery

Howard Reissner, CEO of Planet Data, joined me to discuss how courts are becoming increasingly more insistent on handling, collecting, and producing mobile and cloud data. Howard shared his thoughts on the demands being placed on law firms and how reasonableness factors into the collection of mobile data.

Processing Mobile Data for ECA and Review

In part three of this series, Mike Wade, Chief Technology Officer for Planet Data, sat down with Josh Gilliland to discuss the complexities of processing metadata from mobile devices.

Mobile Forensic Experts Discuss SmartPhone Collection Strategies

Forensic Experts Discuss SmartPhone Collection Strategies
In Part Two of this three-part series Brad Berkshire and Russ Capps from Planet Data join Joshua Gilliland to discuss mobile forensics. Both discuss collection best practices, strategies, and how they would approach a smartphone forensic hypothetical.

Mobile Devices - Competency, Privacy, Security, Discovery

In Part One of this three-part series Howard Reissner, Esq., CEO of Planet Data, sat down with Joshua Gilliland, Esq., to discuss current trends and challenges attorneys face today. They weigh in on attorney ethical obligations and expectations of privacy, and various forensic tools used to capture data, types of mobile device applications and data sources, and techniques to collect this electronically stored information.

The Importance of ESI Processing in Litigation

AJ Dobson, Litigation Technology Manager at Willkie Farr & Gallagher, and Mike Wade, Chief Technology Officer at Planet Data, joined Josh Gilliland during LegalTech New York. AJ and Mike discussed Planet Data's new patented text extraction process, search, accuracy, efficiency, and the importance of processing in litigation.

eDiscovery Trends in 2014 wtih Howard Reissner of Planet Data

Howard Reissner, CEO of Planet Data, sat down with The Bow Tie Law Blog’s Joshua Gilliland, to discuss thoughts on eDiscovery in 2014, including observations from Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute.

Howard Reissner on Increasing Data in eDiscovery

Howard Reissner sat down with Josh Gilliland to discuss how law firms are facing both an increase in data and a diversity of data as well in litigation. Howard outlines the challenges firms are facing today, plus solutions to these challenges. By Joshua Gilliland on Bow Tie Law Blog

CAAT Analytics in Exego from Planet Data

Planet Data VP of Consulting Services Brad Berkshire shows how to use conceptual search in early case assessment using Exego.

Thoughts on Law Schools & Educating New Attorneys

Our CEO, Howard Reissner, and The Bow Tie Law Blog’s, Joshua Gilliland, discuss how law schools are responding to the crisis in legal education, the job market for attorneys, and provide their thoughts on the future of law schools. By Joshua Gilliland on Bow Tie Law Blog

Effective Project Management & the Duty of Competency

Cases such as In re Delta/AirTran Baggage Fee Antitrust Litig., 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 13462, 41-43 (N.D. Ga. Feb. 3, 2012) and Coquina Invs. v. Rothstein, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 108712, 4-5 (S.D. Fla. Aug. 3, 2012) (TD Bank) are case studies in project management failures. Howard Reissner -- Planet Data CEO, David Cochran (Planet Data COO) and Josh Gilliland discuss the duty of competency, how it requires effective project management and best practices for managing an e-discovery.

Howard Reissner on Content Analyst

Howard gives an overview of Exego and why the company uses advanced analytics from Content Analyst Company.

Howard Reissner from Planet Data on the Duty of Competency

Howard Reissner, Esq. & Joshua Gilliland, Esq., discuss the duty of competency for lawyers over technology and ediscovery. Howard shares his impressions of Legal Tech New York 2014 and trends for the coming year.

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