CLE & Lunch and Learn Seminars

Mobile Devices: Competency - Privacy - Security - Discovery

Ethics CLE eligible (Can also be presented as a Lunch and Learn seminar)

Mobile Device eDiscovery: If Only There Was an App for That
Presented by:
Howard J. Reissner, Esq. - Chief Executive Officer
Brad Berkshire - Vice President of Consulting and Digital Forensics

Planet Data is proudly offering a new CLE seminar on Mobile Devices. The one hour session – titled Mobile Devices: Ethics, Privacy, Security, Discovery – explores the challenges and solutions law firms and corporations face today.

The everyday use of mobile devices is rapidly changing the boundaries of today’s legal environment.

Issues of security, privacy and data management have propelled this topic to the leading edge of legal practice and discovery. Employer provided devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is quickly becoming the norm for companies in the performance of routine business around the clock. The result is an intermingling of company and personal information. Company policies regarding the appropriate use of these devices in the conduct of work tasks need to be created, disseminated and enforced in a practical manner that is not disruptive to the workplace or the private lives of employees.

As a part of this interactive discussion, the Planet Data team of experts will provide actual examples and illustrations of the technology issues as well as the current statutes and supporting case materials. Please contact us to set up a seminar at your office.

The attached information sheet provides more details on this CLE (ethics eligible) Program.

New Methodologies for Cost Control

Using Concept Searching as an Early Cost Assessment (Containment) Tool

Presented by:
Howard J. Reissner, Esq. - Chief Executive Officer
Brad Berkshire - Vice President of Consulting and Digital Forensics

Planet Data presents an in depth discussion and demonstration of conceptual searching (as an “advanced analytical tool”) for the identification of relevant information in litigations and investigations.

It’s a new era. You are dealing with massive amounts of ESI and smaller budgets. In order to stay competitive, the use of advanced analytical tools is critical.

Conceptual Searching is an important and widely-accepted modality for culling through large data collections, including multi-lingual documents and technical information. Recent Federal District Court opinions recognize that keyword and Boolean searching are neither complete nor reliable. Since the adoption of FRE 502 in 2008, several opinions have stated that the use of “advanced analytical tools” are a key factor in taking “reasonable steps” to avoid the inadvertent waiver of privileged documents. Concept Searching is also gaining favor with judges and clients. Its use in conjunction with traditional searching methods can substantially reduce review time (and costs) and increase the accuracy and defensibility of document reviews.

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