Exego ECA

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Exego was immediately embraced by our clients after its initial launch in 2010. They took immediate notice of the unique manner in which their data was processed and culled. Exego has continuously evolved as those clients requested additional functionality to improved productivity, speed, accuracy and defensibility of their work. The newest version of Exego was developed with those requests in mind, allowing our clients to more efficiently tackle their ever-growing searching challenges.

Search Validation via Random Sampling

Easily navigate through a self-documenting process by utilizing the Exego Validation Wizard. This unique feature allows the user to sample against the non-responsive document set at any point in time, to quantify the effectiveness of search terms very early in the case.

The key value of the Validation Wizard is that the review team will know every aspect of their search strategy before they commit to reviewing a large number of documents. At the end of the process, sampling can be used to ensure that more than reasonable steps were taken during the search process, and that no unknown variations of idea/concepts were overlooked due to inadequate search methodologies. With Exego, your team can feel confident that they have utilized sound sampling techniques in an integrated step-by-step workflow process.

Combining the concept-based search technology with this new Wizard feature provides further assurance that the ediscovery team has performed a thorough and complete review in the most efficient manner.

Asynchronous Searching

Submit multiple searches and keep working while they run in the background. User and reviewer efficiency significantly increases when one or more searches run in parallel. This searching enhancement allows the reviewer’s focus to remain on the iterative process of improving search terms and understanding the data. All query results are archived, allowing instant access at any time without having to rerun searches. Upon submitting a search, the reviewer can return hours later, recall the results of the previously run queries, then almost instantly jump between the results of different queries to compare results.

Enhanced Metadata Search Tools

Searching on metadata fields tends to be complex and can frequently result in many false positives. This new feature allows easy construction of queries across large numbers of metadata fields (or to exclude unwanted fields) to reduce false positives and/or hone in on very specific fields. The point and click user interface is simple and fast. Built-in templates are provided to create searches targeted to common metadata fields (e.g. sender, to, cc and bcc fields) allowing the focus to be on the terms and not on the complexities of the metadata.

Obstacle Exego ECA Feature Customer Benefit
My current vendor charges me to process data and then has an additional charge to utilize their ECA platform.

Exego ECA is a window into your fully processed data. There are no additional storage or license fees associated with Exego ECA. It is included free when we process your data.

This gives you the option and additional fl exibility to search and cull the data before it goes into the review platform at no additional cost.

Some ECA platforms I have used are unable to handle a wide variety of fi le types. As a result, I typically get very voluminous exception reports detailing the large quantity of fi les that could not be processed.

Exego ECA was specifi cally developed to handle "problem" fi le types including embedded objects, password protected or encrypted fi les, Unicode and foreign languages, as well as Lotus Notes®, MS Outlook®/Exchange, AOL PFC emails, Bloomberg®, and many other formats. You will notice signifi cantly shorter exception reports and have a much more complete set of processed data from the start. This eliminates the need to go back and look at those exceptions, saving a tremendous amount of time.
My current ECA platform only allows me to run one search at a time. When a search is running I have an hourglass on the screen and I cannot navigate to other areas within the platform until the search is completed. Exego ECA incorporates Asynchronous Searching into the platform. Asynchronous Searching gives you the ability to run multiple searches simultaneously in the background. You will never again be at the mercy While searches are running users have the ability to navigate to other areas within the platform (i.e.: run reports, view documents, etc.) Additionally, all search results are archived.
How can I demonstrate in a defensible manner that I left "no stone unturned" when searching and culling my data prior to review? Exego ECA incorporates a selfdocumenting Validation Wizard and Random Sampling. This allows you to use random sampling against non-responsive documents to quantify the effectiveness of your searches. This also ensures that you took adequate and defensible steps to ensure that no unknown variations of search terms or concepts were overlooked due to inadequate search methodologies.
How can I get a sense of how certain terms will interact with my data set before running searches? Exego ECA integrates Query Builder which is a live database created by the Princeton Cognitive Sciences Laboratory.

Query Builder provides real-time feedback to show the user how different terms interact with the data. It also displays a wide range of information including various uses, meanings, trade names, etc. and assists in building searches in the correct syntax.

Some platforms limit the amount of metadata they extract and make available. Exego ECA extracts and can deliver all metadata within an email or an edoc for searching. A more complete set of metadata means more accurate and defensible search results.

Searching metadata can be complex and result in a large number of false positives which dramatically increase the number of documents my attorneys have to review.

Exego ECA's enhanced metadata search tools allow you to easily construct searches across specifi c metadata fi elds (or exclude unwanted fi elds).

This allows you to reduce the number of false positives and in turn reduce the number of documents the attorneys have to review.
How will I know if my search results contain a large number of false positives?

Exego ECA gives you the ability to run a Search Analysis Report each time you create or alter a search which provides great detail on each and every step taken.

The Search Analysis Report details how each term/phrase interacts with the data. Furthermore, it details what variations of the term/phrase were identifi ed and what specifi c metadata fi eld the search hit came from. This provides invaluable feedback when analyzing the effectiveness of a given search.