Data Privacy & Compliance

Planet Data recognizes the fact that Global Data Privacy and Compliance issues are becoming an increasingly challenging issue faced by multinational companies. Since the introduction of the European Union Directive and the increasing concern with data privacy worldwide, our consultants devote a significant amount of time working with multinational companies to assist them with compliance with data privacy issues on a global basis.

EU Directive 95/46/EC describes a number of requirements for legitimate data management for data collected in the EU and places restrictions on onward data transfer outside the boundaries of the EU. These restrictions have the practical effect of globally distributing the directive's requirements, making it the de facto standard of legitimate data management.

Planet Data’s consultants provide data privacy information, compliant data collection and document management services. The approach allows complete flexibility and customization while processing massive amounts of data per day for legal teams to review.

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Directive 95-46-EC of the European Parliament and of the Council 24 Oct 1995.pdf

Directive 2002-58-EC of the European Parliament and of the Council 12 Oct 2002.pdf