Debra Mangum – Vice President, Hosting Services

Ms. Debra Mangum is Vice President, Hosting Services at Planet Data and has over 15 years experience in the litigation data management industry. Ms. Mangum works with clients in the Relativity hosting environment assisting with workflow, productions and any case questions as well as working closely with Planet Data case analysts to coordinate client requests or questions.

Prior to Planet Data, Ms. Mangum worked at a litigation and discovery support company as the Director of Project Management. Subsequent to this Ms. Mangum was a Managing Director of Client Services at eTERA Consulting responsible for monitoring all project management activities and at Merrill Corporation in a number of roles from Director of Operations for all electronic data processing to Senior Litigation Consultant working with clients to scope out project requirements from data acquisition through the document review cycle.

Ms. Mangum graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Boston College.