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Planet Data Announces Exego Version 3

New Enhancements Improve Efficiency, Cost Savings and Quality

ELMSFORD, N.Y. – December 14, 2011 – Planet Data, a global innovator in the creation and development of defensible legal technologies, services and solutions, today announced the latest version of their proprietary early cost assessment eDiscovery platform, Exego3. The new tools and enhancements to existing tools allow users to save on cost and improve efficiency through asynchronous searching, advanced metadata search techniques and by validating results through random sampling.

"Today, there is a lack of clarity about how to successfully navigate the eDiscovery process and the pricing assimilated with eDiscovery technology," said Howard Reissner, Esq., CEO of Planet Data. "The market is demanding cost efficiency, better quality search results and a quicker turnaround from eDiscovery vendors. Through our enhancements revealed in Exego3 we have delivered on all fronts. Users will save time, money and improve the quality of searches. Planet Data is constantly evolving our technology to stay ahead of the industry and market needs." Key updates to Exego3 include:

Asynchronous Searching
Users can work uninterrupted significantly increasing efficiency - while one or more searches runs in parallel. The focus remains on the iterative process of improving search terms and understanding the data. All query results are stored, allowing instant access at any time without the need to rerun searches. Users can return to a search at a later time and quickly recall the results of previously run queries. In addition, the end user can instantly jump between the outcomes of different queries to compare results.

Enhanced Meta Data Search Tools
Understanding the metadata in a set of documents is central to understanding the contents of the document collection, however, searching on metadata fields tends to be complex and frequently results in many false positives. This new feature allows easy construction of queries across large numbers of metadata fields, or to exclude unwanted fields, to reduce false positives or hone in on very specific metadata fields.

Validation Through Random Sampling
This critical feature not only allows the user to sample against non-responsive documents, but to also apply sampling techniques to quantify the effectiveness of search terms very early in the case. Sampling will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that there are no unknown variations of concepts due to lack of knowledge or an inadequate search strategy.

Combining Exego concept based search technology with this new feature gives the ediscovery team complete assurance that the review is thorough and efficient.

For a demonstration of Exego3 at the Legal Technology Conference New York, January 30 – February 1, contact Additional information about Exego3

About Planet Data – Now celebrating ten years in eDiscovery, Planet Data is a global leader in Early Case Assessment and Discovery Management Services. Planet Data is SAS 70 Type II and US Safe Harbor certified, and operates Tier 4 state-of-the-art data processing and hosting centers. Planet Data delivers flexible, high-quality, cost-effective eDiscovery services, high-level consulting, technical support and project management.