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Legal Tech post-event Summary

During 2011 New York Legal Tech, the Planet Data team met with many senior litigators, from law firms and corporate legal departments, to discuss their views on early case assessment and what were the most important factors they considered when selecting a platform and a process. The top points were:

1. Complete processing of data in order to confidently search and report on their findings. This was important so the legal teams wouldn’t need to do additional processing and searching in order to finalize their search sets. As one lawyer said, I only want to search once on all of the data so I can save time and money.
2. Ability to better forecast and budget the size of the data that would come from an ECA platform to review. Clients want to know what the financial impact could be prior to conducting a review.
3. Implementation of search technology that would help them reduce the size of the data to a more manageable size. Utilizing conceptual search and traditional keyword searching, for example, to better analyze the data. Creation of standard reports that would show term hits and how a search affects the overall set of documents for review.
4. Experienced project management staff to work in a consultative manner to help the legal teams through the process. Working with a Project Manager with many years of hands-on experience in review and processing was an important component in their decision-making process.

Litigators are looking for solutions that help their clients adhere to strict budgets while providing a quality work-product to help them do a more comprehensive review and analysis of the data on each case. Although this is a logical statement, we heard from several lawyers that this is not the norm, but the exception.