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Planet Data Implements Updated Cerulean Engine.2009

Planet Data Implements Updated Cerulean Engine.2009
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Elmsford, NY – July 2009 – PLANET DATA, a leading global provider of highquality, cost-effective discovery management services today announced the release of the newest version of the Cerulean Engine - CE.2009 The Cerulean Engine is a processing engine to accommodate the disparate needs of the litigation support and document management service industries.

CE.2009, now incorporated into the Cerulean Engine's operational workflow, adds significant speed to Planet Data's electronically stored information (ESI) processing ability. In addition to providing further flexibility to meet unique project requirements, clients will have access to their data sooner and in a format ready for immediate review. As a result, clients will save time and money without sacrificing quality and defensibility.

"The global economy has created challenges in our industry that many did not foresee. Therefore our clients are faced with more work, less staff, smaller budgets and tighter deadlines," said Zoltan Horvath, President of Planet Data "The implementation of the updated Cerulean Engine 2009 allows us to process our client's data faster without compromising defensibility or quality – all while being cost effective."

Cerulean's Unicode-Compliant technique combines proprietary technology with a methodical workflow to ensure defensibility from records management and risk compliance through litigation support and document review. Another big advantage of Cerulean's method is its ability to process foreign language data at rapid speeds. It offers more of a "document management centric" approach to handle the various needs of a client rather than a "litigation support only" focus. This approach allows Planet Data to work with native applications such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and others to ensure the fidelity of the produced document. The software also works around many known issues in these packages to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Planet Data continues to develop new products and services, and is excited about the impending release of the early case assessment tool, Exego ™, and the Secure Bankruptcy and Merger & Acquisition Review Platforms early this fall.

About Planet Data - Founded in 2001, Planet Data is an international leader in Legal Discovery Management Services for law firms and corporations. Planet Data has a strong reputation for flexible, high quality, cost-effective systems with an emphasis on client service. Planet Data operates state-of-the-art data processing and hosting centers with document management and retrieval solutions that minimize risk and reduce costs associated with large data collections. The company also provides high-level consulting, technical support and project management for large, complex litigations, investigations and bankruptcies. Planet Data is SAS 70 and U.S. Safe Harbor Certified.

Business Contact: Laura Marques - Vice President, Marketing & Communications