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Planet Data CEO Howard Reissner Joins Distinguished Representatives of Attorneys General Offices

Security Breach Conference 5 13 09 (View PDF, 33k)

Elmsford, NY -- May 20, 2009 -- PLANET DATA, a leading global provider of flexible and cost effective legal discovery management services, announced today that CEO Howard J. Reissner, Esq. will be joining a host of distinguished and respected speakers at the 2009 Security Breach Conference to be held on June 10, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The conference will address State and Federal security breach notification requirements in the United States and the risks and threats that organizations face in safeguarding personal information of customers, employees and patients.

Mr. Reissner will be speaking alongside multiple experts in data breach and privacy issues including:

  • Keynote Speakers will discuss their experience with data breaches and offer advice to organizations on reducing the risk of breaches:
    • Matt Light, Deputy Attorney General, Indiana Attorney General's Office
    • Bob Segall, Award-winning journalist whose dumpster diving investigative journalism led to the ground-breaking CVS HIPAA fine
  • Distinguished Panels will discuss enforcement activity against corporations and provide insight on what they expect organizations to do to safeguard data. They will also address their interpretation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009:
    • Members of multiple Attorneys General Offices including Ohio, Michigan and Illinois
    • A corporate compliance panel
  • Speakers will address multiple issues on security data breach notifications, minimizing security threats and safeguarding data. Speakers will also provide a legal overview of the varying State security breach laws:
    • Joan Antokol, Esq, Partner, Baker & Daniels LLP
    • Richard Blumberg, Vice-President EquifaxPersonal Information Solutions
    • Mark S. Bruhn, Associate VP, Information and Infrastructure Assurance, Indiana University
    • Megan Charlesworth, Global Privacy Officer, Cook Group
    • Valita Fredland Esq, Associate GC, Clarian health
    • Russ Harvey, CEO, accurate Information Systems
    • Susan May, Esq, Compliance Officer, American Health Network
    • Howard J. Reissner, Esq. -- CEO, Planet Data
    • Jason L. Stradley, Sr. Security Consultant, BT

"It is a professional and personal honor to be selected to speak at one of the premier conferences focused on these critical concerns" said Mr. Reissner. "We have a wealth of experience in legal discovery and privacy issues and look forward to discussing the challenges organizations face in identifying and addressing security threats."